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Multiple Combat System And, we thank you for your interest in MCS.

The Multiple Combat System is an adult martial arts training center located in Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea. You can be trained various type of martial arts from ROAD FC to domestic/global mixed martial arts, and anyone including professional athletes and ordinary people can be trained pleasantly. In addition, we train a variety of CQC techniques to prepare for various crime situations, so it will be the best choice to protect yourself from the recent issue of crime that is out of nowhere.

MCS will do its best to educate the merits and demerits of the world's martial arts in easy way, and master trainees to achieve self-defense systems and the completion of mind control that are best suited to trainees.

Because there are many knife-based techniques and the techniques for murder, children under age 18 can train after their parents agree.

Training suits should be good for movements, and you will be practicing with bare feet because you also have to train for Jiu jitsu and grappling. Sticks, knives, tomahawks, twins, gloves, etc. are personal items, so you have to bring your own if you have one or purchase one for your training.

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Multiple Combat Systems

The Multiple Combat System is a self-defense system needed in modern society that are exposed to danger due to the increase of violent crimes. It is a system that analyzes and organizes the strengths and weaknesses of global martial arts such as Systema, Kravmaga, Arnis, Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu , etc. And it refers in overall to a tactical actions that use the bare hands and weapons available at close range to overpower and incapacitate the opponent.

The Multiple Combat Systems are on basis of one single principle and can be easily learned. It is a highly practical skill that guides education and training through client-adjusted programs for the police, the military units, and security companies, and has technological exchanges and partnerships with the world's leading institutions. (SAMI COMBAT SYSTEMS, MK ARNIS, SILAT LINCHA)

We welcome the masters with promising spirit to bring together the future of the Multiple Combat System with the best program.

For training requests from institutions and organizations, please use the on-site seminars and group training inquiries, or contact (+82) 10-2377-8152 and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Multiple Combat Systems have the right to reject trainees who do not qualify for training, and do not educate those who wish only to protect themselves.